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About Divyang Matrimony

Everyone needs a companion. Our trust was founded in 2012 for the treatment of children with disabilities. Dr. Sameer Desai, who is the main trustee, is a Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon based in Pune, India and is involved in the treatment of children with orthopedic disabilities. As these children grow older and reach marriageable age, finding a companion becomes difficult. They can have multiple disabilities, from physical, mental, auditory, visual, speech and others. With the increasing use of computers and smart phones it is now possible to connect with anyone around the world.

After doing a thorough search of various matrimonial websites, we realized that there are very few websites dedicated for divyang. Hence we decided to develop a website which will cater to all the needs of people of marriageable age. A person coming to this website can register for free and give his ...Read more